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Combine any body massage with our extensive selection of facial treatments.

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy​
​60 min

We base our Ayurvedic massage upon a 5,000 year old healing therapy system used to invigorate and restore you. Each treatment is customized to your unique mind and body type. With balancing massage techniques and an array of delighting herbal oils and aromas, the experience is rewarding, unlike any other. Addressing specific needs is a unique quality we assure our trained therapists will attend to. Feeling unwanted anxiety and a lack of focus? Our aim will be on a relaxing treatment to ground you, complete with soothing hand strokes and calming essential oils. Feeling weighed down and tired? We will be sure to incorporate invigorating techniques to revitalize your spirit. You will walk away from our message with renewed mind and body energy.

Deep Tissue Massage​​
​60 min

The deep tissue massage, true to its name, focuses on working deep into layers of tissue to relieve sore, tense, contracted, and tired muscles. At Anupama Spa and Salon, you can realign even the deepest layers of muscles and connective tissue through this specialized massage.

Hot Stone Massage​​

60 min​

The hot stone massage is a specialty massage performed with smooth, heated stones. Intensely warm and relaxing, our hot stone massage will help loosen tight, tense muscles and release knots through ecstatic pressure.

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